Eurasian Diamond Centre


About the Centre

Eurasian Diamond Centre opens up great prospects not only for companies in the industry of rough and polished diamonds, but also for retailers and jewelry manufacturers, including the Luxury segment, cultural values and antiques markets participants. The unique platform allows developing and implementation of new manufacturing technologies, holding of exhibitions and regular auctions of precious gems and opening of new market channels.

EDC provides territory for the placement of the players of industry of rough and polished diamonds (representatives of companies in the mining and sale of rough diamonds, manufacturers of diamonds and jewelry, gemological laboratories, banks, insurance companies, specialized shipping companies, customs brokers) and state representatives (Specialized customs post of the Central Excise Customs, state inspectors of State Precious Metals and Gems Repository of the Russian Federation). Full complex of freight forwarding services will be rendered to participants of foreign trade transactions.
Efficiency of creation of such infrastructure has been proved in Russia (OJSC "Almazny Mir", Moscow) and abroad (Antwerp World Diamond Centre, Dubai Multi Commodities Centre etc.). Funding of creation of such cluster is expected by means of attracting investments of companies interested in their industrial and service enterprises placement on the territory of EDC.
All preparatory works on the territory of LLC “Eurasian Diamond Centre” have already been completed. The premises to place units of the State Depository for Precious Metals of Russia, PJSC ALROSA and a temporary storage warehouse have been built and equipped. Necessary office equipment has been purchased. The subdivision of the State Depository for Precious Metals of Russia has been created. And state inspectors’ office premises are already prepared. Organizational actions are being carried out to create specialized in the registration of precious metals and precious gems customs office on the EDC territory.

Centre Structure

On the territory of the Eurasian Diamond Centre special platforms have been organized for the subdivision of the State Depository for Precious Metals of Russia, the Specialized customs post of the Central Excise Customs and the unit of Assay Chamber. A unified technology of cooperation of state regulatory agencies has been created. Certificated storage, equipped commercial and exhibition areas has been built.

Exhibition area
Office area
Production area
Customs area

Exhibition area

Exhibition stands for demonstration precious gems, jewelry and art objects, premises for settlement and processing of transactions for wholesale and retail customers are placed on the area more than 400 m2. It is always possible not only to see but also to purchase the product you liked, as well as get an online expert opinion.


On the area more than 200 m2 specially equipped premises for carrying out of trading in precious gems and precious metals are located and secured, which has created the most comfortable conditions for participants of transactions.

Office area

The area of about 1000 m2 of office spaces is intended to accommodate the staff of Specialized customs post and the state inspectors of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. There are also meeting areas, rest areas and service stations in there.

Production area

On the area more than 500 m2 jewelry and lapidary productions are located, including ones that carry out the processing of goods under customs control.

Customs area

The area of more than 1500 m2 is designed for the customs control zone, premises and the surrounding area, intended to place commercial vehicles and conduct the actual control of valuable cargo by officials of Specialized customs post and the state inspectors of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. All the premises are equipped with special controls, including gemological instruments.


The area of more than 2000 m2 is a location of certified vault of the bank type of the fifth class of burglar resistance . Including the temporary storage warehouse, customs warehouse and free warehouse.


Eurasian Diamond Centre, created on the territory of Free port of Vladivostok, is the unique platform which creates conditions for the development of the market of precious metals and precious gems.

About the Companies

Eurasian Diamond Centre is a unique project where units, which are functionally and technically involved in the process of customs clearance of precious metals and precious gems, precious metals and precious gems market members, and other organizations serving the sphere of circulation of valuable cargo, are located on one platform.


"ALROSA" is the leader of the world diamond mining industry, Russian partially state-owned mining company.

The limited liability company "TBSS" was founded in 1994, and now is one of the leaders of the Russian market for freight forwarding services related to multimodal transport of values (banknotes, coins, precious metals, precious gems and products made of them).



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